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Animal Rescue League of El Paso is celebrating 20 years of life-saving work in 2015.  Thank you to everyone that has supported Animal Rescue League over the last 20 years!  ARL has found forever homes for over 20,000 dogs and cats and could not have done it without your support.

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Current News
  • At Animal Rescue we literally are off and running!

    rescue runners 1

    ARL has a new program called “Rescue Runners”. Toward the end of last year our “Rescue Runners” program was launched and the response has been overwhelming. ARL volunteers are bringing out some of the shelter dogs to run with human partners in McKelligon Canyon. We meet on two Saturdays a month (TBA) at 9:00 am. The people who have signed up to participate are paired with a dog, given instructions on proper handling and then take the dog on a 2 mile run.

    Rescue runners 2

    There is the obvious benefit for the human but the benefits for the dog are “priceless”. The shelter dogs experience the joy of getting out and doing something they may have never done. Beside the socialization and interaction with different humans, the exposure also gives ARL a greater sense of how they act with other people, dogs when away from the shelter. This additional knowledge of the dog helps with their adoption. So ifyou’re a runner or want to help volunteer with the “Rescue Runners” please email arlep95@gmail.com

    Spaces have been filling up fast.